because this is what I do

… let’s do a seasonally appropriate blog post.

… about a month & a half late.

On December 9, in a sudden burst of Christmas craftiness, I went to Michael’s. (The craft store. Not where my husband lives. Which would also be my house.) I bought a medium & a small wreath, some brushed metallic berries, ribbon, a large discounted leather frame from the custom framing department, floral wire and spray primer & paint. I came home, and by the next morning, I had my Christmas paradise crafty mantle.

(Do you sense the pride? I don’t normally craft. It’s a financial decision based on a cost/benefit calculation, where I have a ridiculously large assumption for how much my “time” is worth.)

First, I took the large leather frame outside & sprayed it with primer. I wasn’t sure I could do this on a leather frame. I googled it, and nothing came up – which means, nobody had every spray painted a leather frame before. But, I decided to do it anyways, because obviously, I am a pioneer when it comes to being crafty.

I let the frame dry and went inside to tie the 2 wreaths together with floral wire to get one big, full wreath. (WHY do I keep typing “wrather” for wrather…err wrather…for WREATH?)

The fake berries were attached to a bendy stem, so I wrapped the bendy part around the wreath, tying down some berries with floral wire. Then I wrapped the wreath in white Christmas lights (which I already had).

I went outside periodically over the next few hours, spraying the frame. I think I did about 5 thin coats of primer & 3 thin coats of brushed metallic spray paint.

After letting that dry overnight, I brought it inside & used the wired ribbon to tie the wrather-wrata-WREATH to the frame.

I put the frame/wreath up on the mantle, plugged in the lights, took an old fake garland, wrapped it in lights & laid it up there. I took some metallic candle holders & stuffed the leftover berries in them. The pillar candle holders were already on my mantle, and then I added 3 white Christmas trees that my mom had got for me last year from a cute little store near her.

Ta daa!

And, because to me, this is more like a winter mantle, you could leave this up well into January. Like, January 20 for instance. With no immediate plan to take it down… because that was enough craftiness for a year, and you’re not really sure to do with your mantle after that.