Protected: evelyn’s first birthday party: snapshots

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… for this girl … 

… for my husband & father of my daughter (hand pictured here, ha) …

… for the food on our table every day …

… for our parents …

… for my sister …

… for my brother … (and my other “sister”)

… for friends & neighbors …

… and gravy boats … (or, friends who help with the dishes)

… for nature …

… and for comforting hugs.

We all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend at home in Sylvania.

Evie had an especially great time.

She was surrounded by family & friends who love her, toys, plus two dogs!

At this point in her life, I think this would be her definition of heaven.

(That doesn’t sound too bad to me either.) 

This is only a look she makes when she’s deep in conversation with her Godfather.

(Nov 22, 2012)

to treasure for generations

It’s been a few weeks! We have been busy. Even though half of these photos aren’t edited, I’m just throwing this post up there because it’s been so long & the pictures are pretty awesome by themselves.

When my parents were here about a month ago, in mid-September, we went to Wegerzyn Gardens. It’s another one of the amazing parks here in Dayton, part of Five Rivers Metroparks.

This is a really unique sculpture at the park:

It was huge – and like a maze. I could see where it would be a lot of fun for smaller kids (but bigger than Evie 🙂 ).

The best shot I got of the bumblebees. They were quicker than me.

Grandma & little Evelyn.

My beautiful sister.

Grandma & her girl.

There were too many great shots; I couldn’t choose.

They’re pretty good friends.

Evelyn with her Papa & Grandma.

I will note that Evie was at the end of her rope … she was due for a nap.

In every picture where she’s smiling, she’s only smiling because Michael is doing some crazy ridiculous jumping off to the side to make her laugh.

Grandma & Papa thought it was fun too.

(( love this one ))

Introspective moment for Evie-girl.

Center of our world.

us 🙂

kisses for my baby girl

and a hug for me. 🙂

me & my hot husband

all of the girls!

Evie, I think that is a bit big for you.

I think the pictures taken that day will be treasured for generations!

(Sep 16, 2012)


grandma week #1

We came up with the perfect win-win situation: during my first 2 weeks back to work, let Evie’s grandmas each have a week with her! I think I can speak on behalf of both grandmas & say that the arrangement worked out quite well for all parties involved 🙂

My mom came down for the first week. Dad & Emily came with her for the weekend.

We went out for a delicious dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Sidebar … which is sadly & suddenly no longer with us.

I was trying to decide between a sidecar and honeysuckle. Evelyn wasn’t much help in the decision.

Just chillin with daddy after waking up from her nap.

Getting some lovin’ from her grandparents.

D& Lo came too!

Later that night, Evelyn was in for a treat – bedtime stories with Papa. I can attest to his bedtime story skills … Dad has had a lot of practice at this.

The next day, Evie & her Aunt Em hanging out at the beautiful Smith Gardens.

Looking quite cozy on Papa’s shoulder.

Papa must have thought Evie had the right idea, so he followed suit.

And then here are some pictures from the week with Grandma!

Making friends with her swing creatures.

Grandma put her in some pretty cute outfits!

One day, Uncle Chris came to hang out. Here, you can tell how impressed Evie was.

Even if you weren’t Irish, I’d cover you in kisses.

Getting to know her new best friend, Mr. Piano Turtle. (I’m running out of creativity … I’ll let Evie take over in naming her animals.)

Evie says, “Thank you, Grandma!” … and so do we! Having you there that first week made a world of difference. No worrying, not having to do daycare drop-off, not leaving her with “strangers”, not cleaning bottles or even making dinner made for an easy transition back to work! Feel free to come babysit Evie any time 🙂

(Jul 14-20, 2012)

star of the show.

Grandma, Papa & Aunt Emily came to visit, and as usual, Evelyn was the star of the show.

Hanging out with Papa in her jammies. She really bonded with him during this visit. She looks so cozy in his arms.

Another playtime session turned naptime session.

Somebody stole her for a coveted chest nap.

Pretty in pink … another beautiful hand-me-down from Cousin Briahna.

Evie loves hanging out with Aunt Emily.

Aunt Em will always be there for Evie … to discuss clothes, boys …

… and how awesome her mom is & how she loves to do everything she’s told.

I have a feeling there’s a special bond there.

Playing with her hair, one of her favorite activities.

Snuggle time with Papa. Beautiful.

Yup. That’s my daughter all right.

Upon recommendation from Laurel, we went over to Smith Gardens, a hidden little park in our town. You can easily miss it & pass the small wrought iron gated entrance.

Past the gate, down a paved pathway lined with beautiful bushes, you turn a corner and see this:

(and that doesn’t nearly do it justice.)

Evelyn and her proud Grandma.

The grass was incredibly soft, which was astounding after the lack of rain we’ve had (I wonder how many hours a day they run their sprinklers …). This was Evie’s first time sitting in the grass and she didn’t seem to mind at all.

Our little big girl!

Checking out all of the beautiful colors.

What is this floor?

Inquisitive eyebrows.

She’s had this concentrated look down since the morning she was born.

I think she likes it.

Tummy time on the turf! She didn’t even mind it.

Grandma & Papa doting on their favorite grandchild.

I love this shot.


Evelyn showing off her awesome chub.

(Jul 15, 2012)

definition of dote

1. to bestow or express excessive love or fondness habitually.
2. to show a decline of mental faculties, especially associated with old age.
I’m sure I could do a post focusing on my personal experience with #2, but let’s focus on #1 for now.

Evelyn is pretty used to being doted upon by now, so this was nothing new for her.  The weekend after she was baptized (8 weeks old; she is now 10 weeks), we drove up to visit my parents & sister, and introduce her to some family friends.

She’s so comfortable in her Aunt Emily’s arms.

Being the center of attention is downright exhausting.

We lured visitors to the house with the promise of food & a cute baby.

Loving the attention from her Aunt Em.

What? Mom! Go away … I’m telling Aunt Em all of my secrets.

OK, Daddy. I guess you can hear my secrets.

Pensive on the patio.

For some reason, everyone wore Evelyn’s sunhat but Evelyn herself.

Put the hat back on. It was a better look.

Even Grandma tried it on.

Mommy just snickered & drank her margarita.

Here’s Dad, cooking steaks as large as our heads.

All snuggled up and safe in Grandma’s arms.

Papa’s turn.

~ Love ~