Evelyn: 9 Months Old.

Age 9 months

Weight 20lb 2oz

Length 28.75″

Clothing size 12 mo

Hair Crazy. Always sticking up. I try to brush it down with a wet brush, but then I need to put her hat on to go out & it ends up looking crazier than before. Her bangs are in her eyes if not brushed out of the way … thinking she should get her first hair cut soon!

Teeth Nada!

Sleeping Sleeping OK at night, but not very well at daycare. I think it’s because they’re not able to anticipate her tiredness early enough, just because it can be busy, and also because other kids are awake while she naps. She doesn’t want to miss anything. When she sleeps at home, we have a set routine & it’s very dark and quiet in her room … I think that’s the biggest reason she’s not sleeping well at school.

Eating She loves to eat. She prefers purees (she takes 4 oz down in just a few minutes), but is not sure about table food. She hasn’t yet mastered the pincer grasp, so I think it’s frustrating to her. At mealtime, we start her with table food so she’s good & hungry to eat it … then after a while, if she hasn’t had much, we’ll finish with a puree. Sometimes we’ll give her fruit (banana or frozen mango) for dessert in her food feeder (link). She loves that thing! It’s usually something delicious and she’s able to feed it to herself … so this makes Miss Independent very happy ….while her parents eat their dinner. Some new foods she’s had this month: avocado (not a fan), scrambled eggs (same), frozen mango, chicken (with sweet potatoes and apples).

Movement Not crawling yet, but she gets around… it’s mostly an army crawl movement. No walking or cruising – but she REALLY likes to stand (with help). She looks so proud when she’s standing 🙂

Milestones First New Year’s Day. Clapped for the first time! She holds her left hand still & hits it with her right. She can now drink from her sippy consistently. She has to suck to get the water, so it took her a while to figure it out. First tantrums (yes, this early).

Favorite toys/activities Books. She intently looks at the pictures when she’s by herself or we’re reading to her. She also loves to turn the pages. She especially likes the picture of the tiger in her big 100 words book.

Likes Nursing. Hanging out in bed with us on the weekends after being fed. Figuring out other people/babies. When a baby was crying at daycare, she leaned to him & put her hand on his back, and then looked up at me & made sounds to get my attention. She likes her sippy cup, laughing with others (she’ll initiate a laugh to get it going), inspecting the backs & bottoms of things, watching mommy get ready, having her hair brushed.

Dislikes Not getting enough sleep at naptime (we don’t like this either). Having her face washed.

Words & sounds She’s starting to make more varied consonant/vowel sounds – interspersing her “ba’s” and “da’s.” No mama yet!

What we love I love how she plays with my hair before I put her down to sleep. We love how focused she gets when playing with her toys & how social she is.

What we don’t love Poor naps during the week make for cranky dinner times & early bedtimes.

(this is her singing .. we love that.)

What we’re looking forward to next month ….”mama”??

(photos taken Jan 21, 2013)


Evelyn: 8 Months Old.

Age 8 months

Weight 19lb 14oz

Length not sure – no length measurement at the doctor until 9mo

Clothing size 12 mo

Hair Longer & a bit crazier. It doesn’t stick up as much because it’s longer, but it’s still all different lengths. The hair in the front either hangs to different points on her forehead, or, when I brush it, looks like a really bad comb-over. She so young, though, and I’m not about to cut her hair yet … it’s still cute to me.

Teeth None! Showing possible signs of teething. She shrugs her shoulders a lot (especially when irritated or tired) and really likes gumming the nozzle on her sippy. Other than her sippy, she rarely puts anything in her mouth (other than food; that’s a different story).

Sleeping Still naps well at home in her own bed, but not extremely well at daycare. She now (can I say it out loud?) sleeps consistently through the night, from 7:00/8:00 to 4:30/5:30. This month, we have noticed a connection between the amount of solids she eats during the day & whether she wakes up in the middle of the night. Now, we are trying to make sure she eats solids 3x/day (2x at daycare). When we put her down to sleep (awake), she’ll usually reach for her doll or monkey (her crib friends) and sometimes fall asleep with her arm outstretched. Evie prefers to sleep on her tummy, and we cover her with a light blanket & turn on the humidifier (it’s dry in the winter) as well as the static noise machine. She also likes to stretch her arm out, put her thumb on the matress, and stretch her fingers out in the air. In the morning, she’ll wake up and then play in her crib until we come to get her.

Eating What can I say, she loves to eat, whether it’s solids or breastmilk. In the rotation of solids: homemade broccoli, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries, pears, bananas, cauliflower. Everything has been ridiculously easy to make & requires tools most people already have in their kitchen. For instance, if we’re eating steamed carrots for dinner, I’ll leave a bunch of carrots to steam longer while we eat. After dinner, I’ll add some of the steaming water to the carrots & stick the immersion blender in there to puree it. I put the puree in ice cube trays and/or Oxo Baby Blocks. I like to combine the different foods for interesting flavors … broccoli/cauliflower/carrots, blueberries/pears/apples (which she loves), bananas/broccoli (actually very good), sweet potatoes/apples. Right now we’re the only family to send in homemade solids to daycare, but I’ve heard that other parents have been inspired and may be doing it soon too! We’re really lucky to have a daycare that is so flexible & open-minded. They didn’t even bat an eye when I brought it up. As far as nursing, she nurses (or takes a bottle of breastmilk at daycare) every 4-5 hours, and I’m continuing to pump at work 2-3x during the day.

Movement Not crawling yet, but still launching herself forward from a sitting position to get on her hands and knees. She’ll rock back a few times and then reach what she’s wanting by flopping on her belly and squirming.

Milestones Waved for the first time, in church. She practices waving with one arm while nursing.  First time at the beach. First time being babysat by a stranger (!). We went to Florida for a wedding & had to get a referred babysitter from the concierge for the night of the wedding. Annnnd… first Christmas!

Favorite toys/activities Loves her puzzles, activity triangle &blue rattle. She has taken a specific interest in books lately. She’ll get excited and point at certain pictures, or take the book and turn it over & over. She likes to be held by someone who’s walking around, or have someone stand her up (anywhere). She acts very happy with herself when she’s in a standing position, especially if she’s looking in a mirror. She likes her sippy cup and understands now how to get the water out (without the no-spill plug) & is beginning to learn how to regulate the flow of water. Speaking of water, she also enjoys splashing in the tub. When she’s lying on her back in the water & her ears are covered with water, I’ve also noticed she is more vocal … probably to hear her own voice under the water – which I think is cute. She also really likes to observe people (she has from the beginning). At Christmas, being surrounded by so much family, she did well staying relaxed and just taking everything in.

Likes Daddy’s monkey noises. Waving … and at the right times, too! We will say “night night” and she waves … “hi!” and she waves. Sometimes we have to wave first to get her to do it, but when she does it, it’s the cutest thing. She also likes when me or Michael “eat” her bare belly … we get huge belly laughs. She and I also play a game … when she’s facing me & at my head level, she’ll lean forward and put my nose in her mouth – I’ll lean back and say, “Don’t eat my nose!!” … and then she’ll lean forward and repeat 🙂

Dislikes Still very clingy, especially to mommy… and especially when no one is holding her and I’m in sight.

Words & sounds “dadada” “bababa” and lots of expressive babbling. She also “roars”…we’ll go back & forth with her, roaring. It’s really cute. She’s great at mimicking us.

What we love She is easy going, even in the midst of lots of chaos. One specific thing: I like, when I’m putting her down to bed or for a nap, I’ll turn off her light while holding her… and she’ll immediately put her head on my shoulder.

What we don’t love That she goes to bed only 2 hours after we all get home from work (at the most)!

What we’re looking forward to next month Maybe saying more words … like mama? 🙂

(photos taken Dec 31, 2012)

Evelyn: 7 Months Old.

Age 7 months

Weight probably just over 19 lb

Length not sure – no length measurement at the doctor until 9mo

Clothing size 9-12 mo

Hair same as last month, a bit longer & fuller. Still has a mind of its own & is all different lengths.

Teeth Still none. No outward signs of teething at 7 months, nor any swollen gums. I think she’d continue to drink breastmilk for the rest of her life if it were up to her, anyways. 🙂

Sleeping As far as naps, she doesn’t nap very well at daycare. She usually takes 3 short naps there, on average for 30-45 min each. I don’t think she sleeps well because of all the exciting things going on. When she’s at home during the day, she will normally take 3 really good naps: wake around 5:00, nap 7:00-9:30ish, 11:00-1:30ish, 3:30-5:00ish. She’s gotten much better at nighttime sleep. Last month, we had started to be very consistent in putting her down awake and letting her cry for defined periods of time. However, it was disrupted by her first ear infection in both ears. Once it was diagnosed & we started giving her pain relief, she slept better. Since the ear infection, she’s been sleeping consistently through the night, from 7:00/8:00 to 4:30/5:30. If she wakes in the middle of the night, it’s rare & normally when we’ve been traveling or she’s been off her schedule during the day.  When putting her down, she knows the routine. Sleeper/diaper, book, lights off, sing a few songs, back pats, put her down, cover her with a blanket. She normally fusses a bit, but it doesn’t last long & is usually because she’s just tired.

Eating This girl loves to eat. Her favorite solid foods are carrots & butternut squash. We aim to feed her 2x/day. She’s like a little robot in her highchair; when she’s swallowed one bite, her mouth immediately opens for the next. We sometimes give her manageable table food (that we’re normally eating). She hasn’t mastered the pincer grasp yet, so she normally palms the food, closes her fist & tries to stick her fist in her mouth. She’s on the right track, ha. She still nurses or takes a bottle of breastmilk (at daycare) every 3-4 hours during the day.

Movement Gets around by rolling/shimmying/something. I really don’t know how she does it, but she gets places. Especially in her crib: We’ll put her down with her feet near to touching the rails, and she’ll shimmy up, in her sleep, to the top, so that her head is touching the rails on the other side! No formal crawling yet, but she has started to launch forward while sitting, with one knee under her. She won’t go anywhere from there, until she’s collapsed on her belly on the ground (and then squirms to get what she wants). She seems to have a very strong back; Michael will hold her at the waist, and she’ll bend forward to pick something up (straight back) and come right back up. She also rocks back and forth when she’s excited or hears music.

Milestones First ND game on campus (not in the stadium yet). First finger food: mashed up sweet potatoes. First Thanksgiving. First ear infections. Starts solids at daycare (we send in homemade purees). Mimicking others’ laughing … Michael and I were in the car, laughing, and heard her then laughing in the back 🙂

Favorite toys/activities Her Melissa & Doug puzzle (with the big knobs), paper (any kind), her activity triangle, her “ipod” (we keep it in the car for desperate times), her baby doll rattle. If you’re holding her, she likes to play with anything around her … jewelry you’re wearing, anything hanging on the wall or sitting on the counter. She loves to laugh at people that pass by.

Likes Sitting on anyone’s lap (but especially mommy’s) and playing. Playing with a certain empty bottle of lotion we keep at the changing table. Opening/closing the wipe container. Making new friends with anyone. Exploring anyone’s face … especially sticking her finger up your nostril. Making high-pitched squeals. Swimming class… a lot. 🙂

Dislikes Still, having her arms put in sleeves. Having her nose wiped. When she knows she’s going to be fed (solids or nursing), she wants it immediately. She fusses when we are getting her bib, high chair & food ready, or I’m getting ready to nurse. (Patience, my dear girl.) Being put in her car seat.

Words & sounds Lots of “dadadada” and the first sounds that sound like “mmmmpfh.” We’re emphasizing “mama” and hoping that comes soon 🙂 In general, she likes to hear her voice. Lots of roaring, squealing & letting her voice just wander.

What we love Her happy personality! She’s generally very smiley & laughs a lot. Watching her learn everyday. She really observes and seems to pick something up everyday.

What we don’t love Ear infections.

(photos taken Nov 21, 2012)

Evelyn: 6 Months Old.

Age 6 months

Weight 18 pounds 10 ounces

Length 27.75 inches

Clothing size 9 mo is starting to get tight … 12 mo clothes fit her better

Hair Longer & a bit fuller. Her new hair is blonde with a slight reddish tint in the sun.

Teeth None yet! No signs of teething, either. She isn’t like most of her baby friends, who drool & have something in their mouth at all times. Evie just doesn’t have that object-to-mouth urge yet. Her gums don’t seem swollen yet, either.

Sleeping We’ve learned this month how important it is to keep her on somewhat of a schedule. She takes 2-3 naps per day (depending on when she wakes in the morning). At night, we feed her downstairs around 6:30, play until about 7:15. Then one of us takes her upstairs to her room, puts on her jammies, reads her a book or two, and puts her down (after some singing, too … ). She’s starting to get better about knowing it’s time for sleep & soothing herself. Other times – not so much. The nights are very unpredictable. Sometimes she’ll sleep until 4:00 … other times, she’ll wake 2 or more times. We’re hoping once she eats more solids, she’ll sleep better at night. (Please?)

Eating We started solids! It took some practice, but she eventually realized that sticking her tongue out & wiggling it around wasn’t getting her anywhere. Once she realized that she liked the food, she got really good at it. She opens her mouth, leans forward and swoops down toward the spoon. When we try to clean up the excess around her mouth with the spoon, she tries to eat the spoon before we can clean up. It’s pretty funny to watch.

Movement Not crawling yet – and not really making much motion to do so. She gets around by rolling. I would say she prefers to sit on her toosh & have a better view of things. We’re trying to make more of a point of putting her on her tummy so she needs to try harder to get what she wants.

Milestones Says “dada.”  Reaches up when we say “up.” First solids. First Halloween (cutest koala ever). First school picture day. Laugh/coughs (it sounds like a fake laugh).Grins with her mouth closed (shows off her adorable chubby cheeks).   … cue grin:

Favorite toys/activities Wooden shape puzzle. Stacking blocks. Board books. Colored wooden shape-sorters. Sophie the giraffe. Snack the monkey. She likes to play in her jumper, but doesn’t really jump. She just gets really focused on moving the toys. Anytime she’s playing, it’s as if she has a lot of things to do on her to-do list, and she’s intently knocking off items on her list. Bang the blue square on the yellow triangle 10 times, check. Hit the lion 15 times, check. Turn Sophie left & right 20 times, check. Now back to the blue square…

Likes Interacting/playing with anyone! She is extremely social. When I pick her up from daycare, she gets excited & vocalizes. Then, as I walk about with her in my arms, she tries to catch other people’s eyes and starts “talking” to them even though they may not be looking at her. I (like to) think she’s saying, “Hey guys! Look! My mommy! She’s here! The one I was telling you about!”  She likes when Michael does anything goofy, and mostly when it involves jumping. That’ll get a great belly laugh. She likes Ms. Jennie & Ms. Bre at daycare. She also likes stroller rides. She doesn’t always fall asleep, but she’ll just go into a trance-like state. Ever since she was born, being outside has calmed her.

Dislikes Sleeping through the night, apparently. Getting in her car seat, as usual. Being stimulated when overtired. Interrupting her while she’s nursing.

Words & sounds She still “sings” herself to get ready for sleep … she vocalizes while we pat her back. She has started a (very) high pitched scream. She starts at the very top of her register, before it even makes a sound … then she brings it down into the moderately-high range, then right down into a … growl? I don’t know what to call it, really. Bottom line: she loves to hear her voice.

What we love She likes her solids! … that, and she’s just a very happy baby. We were especially proud parents when Ms. Bre said she’s the happiest baby they have in class 🙂

What we don’t love Not sleeping! I rarely get more than 4 consecutive hours of sleep. It’s really starting to wear on me. Michael helps out where I let him (he’s amazing), but I’m stubborn and usually handle the night feedings.

What we’re looking forward to next month … sleeping longer? and introducing more foods!

(photos taken Oct 21, 2012)

Evelyn: 5 Months Old.

Age 5 months

Weight about 17 pounds

Length not sure – no doctor appointment this month

Clothing size 6 mo is quite snug; 9 mo clothing is starting to fit better

Hair still incredibly wispy and unpredictable. It has enough length to actually lay against her head. Some parts of her hair are short; some are long. Some pieces are blonde, some are dark – sometimes when the sun shines through it, it has a twinge of red. There is no rhyme or reason to it.

Teeth still none yet! She is sucking/gumming her fingers, so she may be teething.

Sleeping still unpredictable. It has been a little more difficult to put her down to sleep, especially for naps. She doesn’t like to be put down while she’s still awake. She still goes down for the night around 8:00, but almost always wakes up at least once in the night … and her timing is a bit unpredictable. I have given in, finally, and let Michael get up with her instead & give her a bottle.

Eating she still nurses every 3-4 hours and takes about 5 oz every 3-4 hours at daycare. She has started to get distracted while she eats, which is cute at times, and annoying at times. Solids to start at 6 months!

Movement She has gotten even better at rolling both ways to get around. She doesn’t bonk her head on the crib rails much anymore because she has more control over herself.  When she’s on her tummy, she has gotten really strong at pushing herself up very high. On the changing table, she kicks her legs as if she’s cycling: right, left, right, left, right, left. She does it very hard & deliberately. It’s awesome to watch.

Milestones Sits up for short periods of time. Babbles with her hand in her mouth. Belly laughs. First pair of skinny jeans!

Favorite toys/activities Again, feeling everything around her! If she’s sitting in my lap, she’s reaching for my shirt, the chair, anything on the table, etc …. especially if it’s something she hasn’t seen or touched yet. If I’m eating, I’ve learned to move most plates, food, utensils out of her reach while sitting at the table. She loves her piano turtle, her pink dolly, Fuzzy Bee soft book and her blue jingle bell rattle.

Likes Watching others jump or kick .. she giggles at that. Having raspberries blown on her tummy. Having her voice modulated by us: having her back pat while she “sings” or having her mouth pat with a burp cloth with she sings. “Talking” to me after she nurses.  Observing other people very carefully. Being outside. Sticking out her tongue.  Looking at any type of screen.  No matter how much we try to keep her away from them, she is so drawn to them: iPhone, TV … any type of screen.

Dislikes Putting her arms through sleeves. Going down for naps. Being interrupted while nursing.  Being stimulated too much when she is overtired. Sitting in her car seat while the car isn’t moving. Sitting in her car seat for too long. When other kids at daycare are crying right in her face (according to Michael, she studied the situation carefully and then finally gave in to sympathy crying).

Words & sounds Same as last month – lots of raspberries, squealing, babbling with her hands in her mouth. Still “sings” to soothe herself. She is a very vocal girl.

What we love How interactive she’s really become. She’s very responsive to everything around her. I especially love how observant she is. She really seems like she’s soaking in all of her surroundings. I love how she puts her head on your shoulder when she’s tired, sticks her fingers in her mouth and sings to herself.

What we don’t love Her fussiness at naptime & not sleeping through the night.

What we’re looking forward to next month Again … she will be 6 months in 2 days, so I can see the future, hehe. I will say … I’m looking forward to her first solid foods!

(photos taken Sep 30, 2012)

Evelyn: 4 Months Old.

Age 4 months

Weight 16 pounds 2 ounces

Length 27 inches … off the charts:

Clothing size 6 mo

Hair so wispy! It’s difficult to keep a bow in it anymore. There is actually new hair coming in, aaaaaand – it’s blonde! Baby girl, I thought you were going to have dark hair like me!

Teeth none yet, but she has something in her mouth (usually her fingers) 90% of the time … so she may be teething.

Sleeping still unpredictable, but not bad. She still goes down between 8:00 and 9:00 and sleeps until at least 4:00. Sometimes she wakes in the middle of the night, but sucks on her fingers to soothe herself. I know it may be difficult to break her of her finger-sucking habit someday, but right now – we’re loving it. If she does wake up in the middle of the night, she will usually make noises / “sing” until she falls asleep.

Eating …. she’s pretty good at this. At home, she nurses every 3-4 hours during the day. At daycare, she takes 5 ounces now (instead of 4) every 3-4 hours. We haven’t started purees yet; we plan to do that around the 6 month mark.

Movement She is starting to scoot around and become more mobile. This month, she became proficient at rolling from her tummy to back. Combining that with her back-to-tummy skills, she can roll herself pretty efficiently where she wants. In her crib, as she starts to wake up, she inches forward on her tummy, sticking her toosh in the air and pushing herself forward. By the time she fully wakes up, she has moved herself completely to one side of the crib and sometimes bonks her head on the rails.

Milestones She discovered toes. Tries to hold her bottle at daycare. First time in the pool (like it, except when we dunked her!). Watched first Notre Dame football game. Paid attention to Rilo for the first time (very curious … and she makes her laugh). Daddy had his first business trips since her birth (really, a milestone for me). Watched first Packer football game. Learned how to blow raspberries & loves to do it. Grasps toys & reliably holds onto them. Recognizes her name (Evelyn or Evie).

Favorite toys/activities Blue jingle bell rattle, rainforest jumperoo, Snack the monkey, Mr. Piano Turtle, her dolly. When we hand her the monkey or her dolly, she reaches out both arms and pulls the toy toward her in a big hug. It’s really cute. She likes to grip her blue rattle and bang it against other things, especially when she’s in her Bumbo. In general, her favorite activity is just feeling things. Her hands are always exploring the textures around her. If you’re holding her on the couch, she will be scratching the arm rest or throw pillow. If you’re holding her, she will be grasping your shirt. She’s very curious about touch. She also likes to observe. If I’m holding her, she won’t look me in the eye. She’ll avoid my face (she already knows what that looks like) and look at anything else in the room, especially if it’s something new.

Likes Apparently she and her friend at daycare, Emerson, get along very well. He is a bit older than her, and he’ll come up to her while she’s playing, and Evie will laugh. Evie follows him around the room with her eyes and likes to hang out with him. In the car, she likes to pull on Zink (the pink zebra) that hangs from her car seat. At home, she likes to snuggle with Daddy after naps. Evelyn also likes to hang out with her Aunt Emily because she makes her laugh with funny noises & tickling. We’ve found that she really enjoys playing by herself, especially on her rainforest playmat. If she’s constantly being stimulated by people, she gets cranky. She likes her quiet, solo playtime … and when she’s able to do that, she tends to fall asleep when she gets tired instead of just getting cranky. She likes being outside; if she does get cranky, it’s a sure-fire way to calm and relax her.

Dislikes She doesn’t like diaper changes right after she wakes up. She doesn’t like getting her outfit changed when she’s very tired, or right after waking up (and before eating). Being in her car seat when the car is not moving. Also, she doesn’t like when you take your time getting her out of the car seat. Once she knows she’s getting out, she wants to get out. NOW. She starts to arch her back and try to get out herself. In general, she doesn’t have a lot of dislikes. Every once in a while, she’ll catch us off-guard with some crankiness, but it’s usually solvable by putting her on our shoulder, patting her back and/or singing (or feeding her, of course … that’s the highest trump card).

Words & sounds Not as vocal as last month, but still very vocal. She hasn’t been as vocal just because she has really discovered her hands and it’s more important to have those in her mouth now. When she makes noises with her hands in her mouth, it sounds like she’s making consonant sounds and “babbling.” Her new favorite thing has been raspberries. When she discovered that skill, it was all she did for 2 days straight. Now she incorporates it into her normal sounds … so she will squeal, blow raspberries, make throaty sounds, then stick her fingers in her mouth and “talk” around those. When she starts to get tired & we put her on our shoulder and pat her back, she’ll also hold out a tone and listen as the back patting breaks the sound. She does this a lot with Michael. She’ll also put her open mouth on our shoulder/trap and if we’re bouncing her a bit, she’ll hold a tone to hear the breaks. It’s pretty funny. She did this in church during Katelyn’s baptism, ha. She got a lot of laughs, but got louder as time went on, so Michael had to leave with her for a bit.

What we love Pretty much everything. Cheesy, huh? She’s just a very easy baby. She doesn’t fuss a lot – only if she’s WAY off any semblance of a schedule. She puts herself to sleep usually. She eats very well. She doesn’t mind car rides anymore. She smiles at the drop of a hat and is very curious about the world around her.

What we don’t love n/a this month. …….I know. We can’t stop exclaiming to each other how lucky we are. I’ve decided to stop being bashful about it, or guilty because other parents may have it more difficult. I’m going to enjoy it, rejoice and be grateful!

What we’re looking forward to next month Well, seeing as how she’s over 5 months as I’m writing her 4 month update, I can see the future. It includes a bigger baby, a bit fussier baby and a stronger baby!

(photos taken Aug 26, 2012)

Evelyn: 3 Months Old.

Age 3 months

Weight about 15 pounds

Length maybe 26″? We’re guessing here. Her next appointment is at 4 months.

Clothing size 3-6 mos, but some of it is quickly becoming snug!

Hair still wispy & growing longer.

Teeth none yet, nor any teething.

Sleeping still a bit unpredictable. We put her to bed between 8:00 and 9:00, and she’ll wake up by 5:30 … sometimes at 2:30, or 3:30, or 4:30 …. whatever strikes her fancy. She sleeps in her crib in her room (since she was about 2-3 weeks old) & we keep the video monitor on my nightstand. She has also started falling asleep while playing, which is the cutest thing.

Eating loves to eat. She went through a phase of not liking the bottle again, which was our fault – we didn’t practice enough. Thankfully, she quickly got used to it again and takes about 4-5 ounces at each feeding with the bottle. Since my return to work, she takes 3 bottles while I’m gone, and I pump 3-4x during the day.

Movement She is starting to really move all over the place! She can now reliably turn from her back to tummy (only by turning to her left). She attempts this immediately almost every time you lay her on her back. She will swing her legs up perpendicular to her torso, swing them to her left, and gain enough momentum to roll. She gets pretty ticked, however, when her left arm gets stuck between her body and the ground and prevents her from rolling over completely. Because she started doing this, we would leave her left arm out of her swaddle to prevent her from rolling completely while swaddled (dangerous). Then, toward the end of her third month, we stopped swaddling her at night (she had already quit swaddles for naps). Now she just sleeps in a Sleep Sack, which is a nice way to keep her warm like a blanket, without the danger of it covering her face. When she wakes up at night, it’s not unusual to find her turned completely 180 degrees from where we laid her down. All of her attempts at rolling make her move all over the place!

In addition to rolling, she also loves to swipe at her toys & grab our hands. When she gets startled, her eyes, arms & legs go wide.

Milestones Holds up her head without support. Rolls from back to side & also back to tummy. Very strong neck & back while on her tummy. Sqeals, sqeaks, coos … she lets her voice wander where it may. She has discovered how to move her mouth & lips to make different sounds. Smiles at the drop of a hat. Grips & reliably holds onto toys. Sleeping without being swaddled. Mommy & Daddy’s first real date night. Mommy’s first days back at work. Putting the majority of her weight on her legs when we stand her up. She laughed for the first time while she was in the bathtub – she was giggling uncontrollably! She has only laughed a couple of times since.

Favorite toys/activities Still loves the rainforest play mat & her Baby Einstein “ipod.” Likes to look at & chat with her stuffed lion. Likes her soft book with black & white shapes, including a monkey’s face. Enjoys staring at the little chick that hangs from her car seat handle (“Shake n Bake” … per Michael).

Likes Sleeping on her side. Having her diaper changed (gets very chatty). Likes to look out at everything (either held over your shoulder or facing out). Bathtime … eyes get wide, lots of smiles, talks very loud. Falling asleep on her play mat during tummy time. Being sung to (always … any song … no matter how well you sing). When she’s fussing, we try: putting her on our shoulder & patting her back, holding her so she’s facing us & talking or singing to her, giving her the pacifier (especially if she’s tired).

Dislikes Being interrupted while eating to be burped. Getting overtired. Doesn’t particularly like to be held in the cradle position.

Words & sounds See milestones. Loves having conversations with you, especially first thing in the morning, at bedtime, on the changing table, or in the bath (so… always?).

What we love How interactive she’s becoming! We love how she’s experimenting with her voice & trying so hard to do new things. We also love how easy she seems right now (knock on wood). She’s pretty easy to figure out.

What we don’t love Not quite sleeping through the night … having a tendency to wake up around 4:00/4:30 am which is an awkward time – not enough time for me to go back to bed before work!

What we’re looking forward to next month More rolling … maybe from tummy to back? More “talking”! Her talking is probably my favorite thing. 

(Jul 22, 2012)