all hallows eve

Our little koala cutie.

I would say she tolerated the costume.

My pumpkin & Evie’s pumpkin.

Michael’s pumpkin … which said “8-0” before the squirrel got to it. (Little did we know, we should have just done a “12-0” pumpkin.)

and some pics from the iPhone –

Before going to daycare that morning.

Koala in her Daddy tree.

(less-than-impressed Evie)

and the only one I have of her & Grandma on Halloween. Too bad it’s so blurry!

Maybe next year, we’ll venture over to the neighbors’ houses with our little girl!


chicken corn chowder

Sorry for that horrible picture – it’s all I had! I needed to post this recipe, though. It’s my favorite fall soup & is the perfect comfort food for brisk days.

The main recipe is from my mom – the only change we’ve made is to add chicken. That was Michael’s suggestion, and it’s a nice way to make the soup even more of a meal.

Now, a warning … when you’re making this soup, it seriously feels like you’re pouring everything that’s unhealthy on this planet Earth into a stock pot & heating it up. It feels that way because … that’s what you’re doing.

This is really awesome served in a bread bowl, or with a chunk of warm baguette. With most soups, this is even better reheated in the days after you make it … and it’s also good to freeze.


Chicken Corn Chowder

3/4 lb bacon
3 cans creamed corn (14.5 to 17 oz each)
3/4 lb chopped, cooked chicken (you can cook the chicken however you’d like … crockpot, grill, bake…)
1 cup chopped onion [we omit this because onion is gross]
1 quart half & half
2 cups milk (use at least 1% milkfat)
1 tsp salt (optional) [we leave this out … it’s plenty salty without it]
1/4 tsp ground pepper
3 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Thaw the bacon about halfway & then chop into small pieces, about 1/2 square. It’s easier to chop when it’s still a little frozen. Cook the back in a large dutch oven, then drain & reserve 2 tbsp of grease. Saute the onion in bacon grease until tender.  Stir in remaining ingredients, except cheese and bacon.  Heat to boiling. Reduce heat to low and add bacon, chicken and cheese and simmer until cheese is thoroughly melted.

our little pumpkin princess

At the front door, looking outside. She likes to watch the people & the cars go by.

(This is her, singing/talking.)

“Whaa? You mean fall doesn’t last forever, Mommy?” I wish it did, Evie!

Don’t you worry your pretty little head. It’ll come back next year.

(Oct 28, 2012)


fall in the front yard

We used to have a big, beautiful tree out front. It was between the street & the sidewalk and was at least 40 years old (our neighbors have been here for 40 years).

However, we noticed a good part of the trunk was hollow, so we called the city to inspect it, hoping it was OK. Unfortunately, they had to cut it down. I know it was the right thing to do (so no one got hurt), but it was still a very sad day when they cut it down.

After they cut it down, I took these pictures of Evelyn sitting in the leaves. It’ll be a while before we have leaves like this in the front yard again.


Arm rolls. I love them.

So focused on the leaves.

The Look. She is one intense little girl.

(Yes, yes, I know, Mom – She IS my daughter 🙂 )

little girl amongst the gourds

It’s fall in the midwest, so of course we had to go to a pumpkin patch! Young’s Jersey Dairy was having a fall festival that weekend and it was packed. However, there were plenty of pumpkins & yummy food to go around. We bought some pumpkins, ate some cheeseburgers, and took some pumpkin donut holes & sweet potato bread home. mmmm … so good.

It was a gorgeous day. Just iconic fall.

It was a Saturday, so of course we were all wearing our Notre Dame gear.

Very enthused to be apart of our new little family tradition of taking pictures by pumpkins.

Wait? This is not the same as what I normally put in my mouth! Let me try harder …

Nope, still not working.

Hey, tonguey girl.

Gettin by with a little help from Daddy.

Oooh. New things to touch.

So many new textures!

Two fall girls, lovin’ life.

Interested in all of the kids running around.

A pumpkin of a different color.


(Oct 6, 2012)