february snapshots

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snapshots, aug 25 – sep 9

I’ve been on a blog hiatus because there have more important things to do around here.  All of those important things can be boiled down to one category: soaking up Evie’s first months of life.

Here’s a bunch of snapshots to show a bit of what we’ve been up to.

Hanging out with Rilo the dog, Uncle Darrell, Darrell’s brother Kevin, after-school naps with mommy … daddy even found a $100 bill on the street in California on a business trip!

concert at the park .. loving her zebra lovie .. a rainbow I saw .. evie loves her ring & middle fingers

venison tacos for dinner (not you, Evie, sorry) .. meeting up with our good friends at the Taste .. second street market .. swimming pool for the first time (she was very serious about it – no surprise)

she wasn’t sure at first, but after she thought really hard about it … she liked it.

daddy kisses .. irish gear .. faceplanting in spitup & not caring .. studying for notre dame .. smiles on the changing table

first Irish game of the season .. hanging out with Uncld D & Aunt Lo .. bloody mary’s & lambic .. getting tired in the jumperoo .. Target run with Mommy .. our long girl in the bathtub

waking up after a nap & lounging with Daddy .. falling asleep in odd places .. meeting her friend’s family at Katelyn’s baptism .. girl chat with Katelyn

reading with Mommy in the jungle .. napping with her toosh in the air .. sitting up in the rocker like a big girl .. lovin’ her 2 new toys: her feet

reading to her dolly .. Mommy & Evie already for the day .. showing off her awesome leg chunk .. Mommy’s day at Habitat for Humanity with work .. relaxing at home after a long day

flying with daddy .. showing off a cute outfit before school (Thank you, Barb & Larry!) .. meeting up with Maureen & Conner (check out Conner’s hair!! absolutely love it) .. Baby Ike hanging out with Erika .. Container Store heaven (and inevitable purchases) .. Evie napping with Rilo

butterfly kisses from Rilo (Evie loved it!) .. sleeping on D & Lo’s front porch .. meeting Layla, Evie’s new friend .. and getting pet by Layla (Evie didn’t like that) .. Evie sleeping &  giving the finger (tsk tsk) .. playing with another new toy – Mommy’s face .. and Mommy’s new haircut!

my little ball of Irish cuteness, hanging out on the deck .. meeting Marion for the first time .. and sleeping all the way home.

We’ve been busy! Life is full of good things right now & we wouldn’t change it for the world.