a white christmas in wisconsin

OK, so I’m hoping I can catch up a bit here!

We went to Wisconsin for Christmas to spend time with Michael’s family. I have a lot of photos, and while they aren’t the best quality, I still had a difficult time narrowing down which ones to post! So, I posted a lot 🙂 They really capture the energy and love of the Christmas season, surrounded by family.

Michael & his brother Jeremy with their children … Evelyn was having fun with Lucas!

Evie eating Daddy’s nose. This is a game we play … where she eats our nose 🙂

Barto siblings & their first borns!

The Florida – now Virginia – Bartos.

Our little Polish gymnast with Daddy.

Playing with her cousin Owen … decompressing after an action-packed cousin pro photo shoot that morning.

(Who needs pants anyways?)

Jackson, hard at work.

She loves her Aunt Tina.

… and Owen thinks she’s quite hilarious as well.

Andrew & Ben.

iPad = kid magnet.

Evie & her Aunt Becca

… and Uncle Jeremy.

… and her Daddy too.   Things just got weird.

Four of the Lynch sisters & Grandma Lynch!

Aunt Diana got some snuggles from Evie on Christmas Eve.

Early Christmas morning wonder.

Coffee & newspaper with Grandpa.

… and a morning nap.

A bit blurry, but I had to post a family Christmas pic…

All ready for Christmas mass.

Aunt Becca scolding someone, maybe? …and Evie approving of whatever she’s doing.

Sleepy Bartos 🙂

No family gathering would be complete without boys wrestling.

Jackson giving his gift to Uncle Jeremy.

and Evie getting kisses from Uncle Jeremy 🙂

Christmas morning gifts.

Cuddles with (a serious) Miss Evie.

First Christmas morning.

The grandchildren (and yes, that’s Lucas on the left, not a salesman selling chicks.)

Evelyn & her great-grandma.

Nap with Aunt Lottie.

… and a nap with a very content Grandma.

How many babies can fit in an Anywhere Chair?


… only one, after she hits the other one with a snack container.

Evie loved the ladybugs who scuttled about.

… and also trying on Otto’s hat. She wanted to let him know she’s a Packer fan too.

Sleepy time with Daddy.

Good morning! Play time with the cousins.

Owen taking a call.

Lucas surveying the front yard.

Owen tasting a teether.

… and who knows what Evie was up to.

All dressed up on her last day in Wisconsin … and about to get in the car to drive to Toledo to see her other grandparents!

Thank you, everyone in Wisconsin, for such a fun trip. We can’t wait to see you again in June!


iphone download Jun 27 – Jul 1

drama girl.

behind the scenes at her photo shoot

early morning cuddles with mommy.

Uncle Jeremy looking particularly attractive.

all pretty, ready to go meet some babies from our prenatal yoga class.

Cousin Lucas, not enthused by the fact that his mom is leaving for a quick errand (for ice cream, I may add).

Trying out the Bumbo with a little help from Daddy.

Doing an awesome superman pose.

Showing off the hat she got from Grandma & Papa.

Playtime smiles.

… we’re working on manners.

Evie completes the set

Evelyn met her Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Tina & Cousin Lucas for the first time when they came to visit last weekend.  She now has met all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins.

In August, she will then advance to the next level … meeting extended family. 🙂

Here she is, pooped out after having a fairly grumpy afternoon.

Sharing Mow Mow with Cousin Lucas.


Drawn to the red GE logo on our oven. Maybe a future engineer?

Offering me his treasured leaf that he found.

Very generous.

The only picture I took of the brothers the entire weekend. What a grave oversight.

Served over ice = tasty.

In this series of pictures, courtesy of Michael,

I learn that I tend to use my hands while talking …

… a lot.

Thank you for helping me realize this, babe.

He asked for a smile.

and I aim to please.

My hot husband, the father of my child.

A teetering, tottering tot.

This girl manages to smile & talk quite well (or even better) on her tummy.

Looking up at Mommy.

Feelin’ the burn.

Impromptu family photo session courtesy of Tina (and Jeremy, lighting).

I love this one.

Probably giggling at Uncle Jeremy.

Why is she giggling, you ask?

There ya go.

One last lift.

… and a rest with Mommy & Daddy.

Facetiming with Grandma & Grandpa Barto.

A little assist.

She was completely focused on them.

Swaddled up for bedtime. (Photos again courtesy of Tina … thank you!)

My second time trying the bottle. (Michael is the head honcho bottle giver.) She used to take the bottle, fairly easily, for about a week. Now, she’s back to fighting it.

Victory: I got her to accept it into her mouth.

Fail: She just wants to chew on it.

Not … gonna …


Mommy gave in and did things her way.

Good morning, Lucas! He really likes Evie’s rattle that she got from Grandma & Grandpa Barto.

… aaand those were all the pictures I took of our weekend with Jeremy, Tina & Lucas. I’m a bad person. I got one picture of Jeremy drinking a Coke & absolutely zero of Tina. However, in my defense, I did take some pictures on their camera, and they took a lot, too. Hope you got some more, guys, because I sure failed 🙂