beautiful baby blues

When Grandma Barto was visiting, we put Evie in the special dress she had made.

I wanted to take Evie to Smith Gardens again to have pictures taken in her garden dress.

We were pushing it a bit, since it was right before bedtime, after her nap, but before she had eaten … when she fusses, it’s normally during this time of day.

… but Evie thought really hard & decided …

… that she would still give us some smiles.

She didn’t even mind it when we did this to her.

I don’t think she even noticed the grass, she was so occupied with tasting her fingers.

Mommy & her girl.

Evie, I’m so happy you like the grass.

It’s the perfect surface

for relaxing, talking,

studying (although that usually turns to..), napping,

reading, thinking,

… and being a hippie in general.

I hope that the curiosity you have right now

about everything around you

stays with you forever.

The world is a beautiful place,

yet complicated.

But when you are curious

you can learn many things about the world.

As beautiful as the world is,

I truly believe you have the power to make it better

and maybe a little less complicated

and a little more inclusive.

People say that they want the world to be a better place

for their children and grandchildren,

and now I understand the strength of that desire.

Your dad and I

have created our tiny home world for you

in which you can be safe & happy.

You’re not always going to be in our little world, though.

Very soon (and it will feel too soon), your world will expand

and you’ll get to exercise your independent spirit.

We won’t be there to protect you.

So it’s understandable, then, to want to make the world a better place

for you.

(Jul 22, 2012)