pumpkin picasso

so surrrious.

(assessing the situation)

… and so happy.

I would say her days consistently fluctuate between the brightest, 

open-mouthed smiles

and the most serious, brow-furrowing visage.


hi, dimple.

That look only happens when Daddy is jumping somewhere off-camera.

You can see her pulling away. She gets stubborn when there’s something she does or does not want to do.

“Mommy, you do know this is not washable kid paint, right?”

I do now. Everything washed out except her hoodie … thank goodness is was a cheapie from Target.


our little pumpkin princess

At the front door, looking outside. She likes to watch the people & the cars go by.

(This is her, singing/talking.)

“Whaa? You mean fall doesn’t last forever, Mommy?” I wish it did, Evie!

Don’t you worry your pretty little head. It’ll come back next year.

(Oct 28, 2012)