little fishy

Wooo! I just hit 200 posts. Crazy.

but I digress….. for some more cuteness.

We took a swim “class” for babies with Evelyn. It was a HIT. She loves water. She especially loves to splash in it.

Thanks to Marcy for capturing these photos!

When she would lean back on us on her back, her entire body would be relaxed, except for her legs. Her little pudgy sausages, they stuck straight out of the water. Hilarious.

Swimming near her BFF Katelyn. They both looked like pieces of fruit … Katelyn, a strawberry and Evelyn, a pineapple.


our little fishy


Michael and I took work off the Friday before Labor day. We went to the farmer’s market, and then took Evie to the pool for the first time! Here are some videos from that afternoon.

(P.S. If you live in the Dayton area, the outdoor pool at the Kettering Rec Center is ah-mazing.)

(This was in a vortex pool, so that explains the kids floating by in the background.)