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mountain adventure by the numbers

1 baby.

2 crazy parents.

3 baby dresses.

4 flights.

5 planes.

45 diapers.

Call us crazy, but we schlepped (flew) across half of the country (a few states) with her in tow (we didn’t really tow her) when she was only 9 weeks old (that part is true).

We went for the wedding of my two good friends, Kerri & Rachel. The effort to get out there was completely worth it to see them & my other dorm girls (3C, what). I had also never been to Vermont. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. We stayed in Chittenden, where green mountains and the pristine lake were breathtaking.

We left the house at 4:45am on the day she turned 2 months to catch her first flight. Here is me with our new piece of carry-on luggage. She would not fit in the overhead bins nor under the seat in front of me.

Me & the dude I hired to handle all of the heavy lifting. If you don’t already have one of these at home, I recommend hiring one as well.

Eying the flight attendant call button. “I need some more people to tell me how cute I am.”

You’re so cute.

All of the people around us: “I can’t believe I got a seat next to the baby. I just wanted to sleep.”

Sorry, charlie. We’re THAT family now.

But guess what. Our baby isn’t cranky; she’s cute. You should be so lucky to sit next to us.

The kid leaning to his right in the picture above actually really liked Evie. This picture was taken during the small window of time he wasn’t looking back at her. (It was pretty adorable.) However, he had a look of pure confusion when Evie would disappear under my nursing cover to eat.

See Mommy? I’m pretty good at this flying thing. (Hopefully it stays that way & she doesn’t get plane sick like I used to when I was in grade school. My only in-flight entertainment was staring at the bottom of the paper puke bag.)

Our arrival at the Mountain Top Inn. Here is Michael & all of our stuff, along with the ugliest rental car on the lot.

The view from the lobby of the Mountain Top Inn. It will have to do.

Relaxing in the hotel room after a long trip.

Down by the lake for some rehearsal dinner games (naturally). Can it get any more picturesque?

Yeah, so – games. You were either on Kerri’s team or Rachel’s team. Here was my team captain (plotting).

The games were fun. Mostly because they allowed you to bring your beer.

Party pooper.

Michael, multitasking.

She awakens.

… and demands a meal & diaper change.

Such a needy little person.

But we tend to be okay with that.

June 23 – Falling asleep on the job.

Up for breakfast & more of this horrible sight.

Rachel & Kerri at breakfast

She had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone in Vermont … despite the look on her face.

After lunch, you know, hanging in a parking lot.

Wrangling the wriggly baby.

Burp town.

Feelin’ pretty good about life.

With Daddy in the mountains.

All pretty & ready for the wedding. Thanks, Jane & Fred, for her beautiful summer butterfly dress!

Walking up the hill to the ceremony.

Valerie & Evie. They look so comfy together 🙂

Doing two of her favorite things: sticking out her tongue & playing with her hair and ears.


Biz & Kim

Kevin, Val, Megan & Jeff.

I missed everyone so much! So great to see my girls (and their men, I guess).

And here she is, the little tooting culprit. This little girl let a few good ones rip during the quiet ceremony. I say go for it, girl. This is one of the very few times in your life when you’re able to pass gas & get praised for it.

The beautiful bridal party, lining up.

The flower girls needed some coaxing.

The ring bearer, however, was more than happy to jog down the aisle.

Slowww down, buddy.

Daughters & fathers.


Evie meeting another baby at the wedding … who was also ridiculously cute.


Michael calming Evie down.

The girls.


Megan + Jeff

Val + Kevin

me + Michael + Evelyn

Just your everyday scene of children in white clothes playing in a green field with mountains in the background.

Not the greatest picture, but it was a pretty great table.

First dance.

Val, I hope you didn’t teach Evelyn to do that with her dress.

“Hey guys, I’m going to steal this cute baby, k?”

(I overheard and got her back.)

Babysitter Kim & her dad. Thanks for babysitting Evie & letting me & Michael go on a dancing date, Kim 🙂

The thief & her husband.

They hate each other.

June 24 – Ready for another morning breakfast on the terrace, of course.

Kickin’ back.

A dainty little napper.

Getting ready to explore some of Vermont.

Mommy, you know I hate my car seat.

Daddy, you know this too. Why are you making me sit in it all day? (Because we have maple syrup to drink and cheese to eat, Evelyn.)

Val & Kevin, on a very grueling hike to see how maple syrup is harvested.

Our little family & the hills of Vermont.

Stopped in the little town of Woodstock for some ice cream.

Evelyn was on the edge, so it was a fine balance between eating it fast to make her happy & not getting brain freeze.

Trust me, she wasn’t happy.

I mean, you don’t see too many pictures of her unhappy because we’re usually attending to the matter.

< insert pictures of Evelyn’s alter ego, Evil-yn. >

aaaaand after much crying — sleep.

June 25 – Hanging out in the hotel on Monday before heading home.

Craning to see Daddy.

Taking a walk before getting in the car.

At the Albany airport, ready to fly back and sleep in her bed. (Evelyn too.)

Swiping at the phone (she just started swiping at things!).

Here is a little “self-taken” montage, by Evie.

OK, so how long is the flight delayed, Mom?

30 minutes?!

… 60 minutes?!

Ugh. That is past my bedtime.

Makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

Lounging back on Daddy’s legs.

Not ready to be lifted up by the arms quite yet … we think she’s close, though.

Airport diaper change!

I had to take over the diaper change for Michael because our flight was canceled & he had to rush over to the counter before everyone else did.

It all worked out, though. We stayed at the very hospitable residence of Biz’s parents’, who live in Albany! They were at the wedding that Saturday, too. We are lucky that they are incredibly nice, awesome & flexible people 🙂

Waiting for our ride to Biz’s parents’ house.

The baby whisperer got more time with Evie 🙂

psst psst psst … you will be a very happy baby … psst psst psst

June 26 – Up early for our flight home. Well, some of us are up early.

Through the long lines, delays, multiple planes, waiting, and flying …

…Evie was quite the happy camper again.

In fact, she seemed to really enjoy flying.

… or maybe it was all of the attention & being with both Mommy & Daddy 🙂

Barto BabyTravel Tips

(for traveling with a 2 month old)

OK, here is a compilation of some travel tips we received from friends & a few we learned! Feel free to comment and add your own.

  • Schedule a flight during baby’s happy time. For us (and most), that’s in the morning.
  • Pack the baby’s outfit for each day in a separate quart- or gallon-size Ziploc, including socks & other accessories for the day. During your trip, it makes it so much easier to just grab a bag & change her.
  • Wear baby in a carrier/sling at the airport, even if you’re bringing a stroller. Set up the stroller (and the car seat if it fits in it) and use that to hold your carry-on luggage.
  • Most airlines will let you gate-check a car seat and a stroller for free. When you get to your gate, go up to the counter and get a gate check tag for each item you’ll gate check.
  • Keep the stroller & car seat set up until you get to the gate, then collapse everything and get it ready for gate checking. That way you’re not collapsing everything on the jetway.
  • We bought a protective bag for the car seat. I tried to get one for the stroller, but it didn’t arrive in time. Luckily, we were OK. Michael snapped the wheels out of the stroller & stuck them in the car seat bag.
  • We found it better for me to sit in a window seat, while Michael sat next to me. This made it easy to have privacy while nursing.
  • Speaking of nursing, feed your baby (or have them suck on something) during takeoff & landing. This helps lessen the pain in their ears due to pressure changes.
  • We had the diaper bag, Michael’s small duffel bag (with his clothes) & Michael’s backpack. Try to use carry-ons that can be worn on your back.
  • In the diaper bag, keep everything you need for diaper changes in a wet bag. That way, you don’t have the lug the whole diaper bag with you to the bathroom for diaper changes … just grab the wet bag.
  • Pray.
  • But really, traveling with an infant a lot easier than we thought.
  • … but praying doesn’t hurt.