future domers unite

Our friends from college visited us one weekend & we had a really great time catching up. They had two kids, ages 2.5 years and almost 12 months. They are ridiculously adorable, bright kids 🙂

We went to the park down the street from us, since it was so beautiful. These pictures are from Saturday, before went to church and then watched the Notre Dame game.

Here are the daddies on swing duty.

Swinging is serrrious business.

…. aaand raspberries. Of course.

This Michael is almost 1 year old. He and my Michael were actually matchy-matchy that day 🙂



The girls.

A very helpful big sister.

Feeling all of the textures.

Going for a ride with Mommy & showing off her Charlie Weis -inspired fashion.

Sandbox for the first time. It didn’t last long … she got her hands covered in sand & then tried to suck on her fingers … not a good combination.

Daddy & his girl


Sunday morning in jammies, curious about the big girl playing around her.

There she is!

Uh oh.

She was very good about sharing & was so careful playing with Evie. A very good role model for her!

I’m sure next time we blink, our own little girl will be two and half.

The boys hanging out together. Michael (the little one) is so bright-eyed and smiley.

It was fun to get our growing families together for a few days! Thanks for visiting, guys. We can’t wait until next time.

(Sep 22, 2012)