grandma week #1

We came up with the perfect win-win situation: during my first 2 weeks back to work, let Evie’s grandmas each have a week with her! I think I can speak on behalf of both grandmas & say that the arrangement worked out quite well for all parties involved πŸ™‚

My mom came down for the first week. Dad & Emily came with her for the weekend.

We went out for a delicious dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Sidebar … which is sadly & suddenly no longer with us.

I was trying to decide between a sidecar and honeysuckle. Evelyn wasn’t much help in the decision.

Just chillin with daddy after waking up from her nap.

Getting some lovin’ from her grandparents.

D& Lo came too!

Later that night, Evelyn was in for a treat – bedtime stories with Papa. I can attest to his bedtime story skills … Dad has had a lot of practice at this.

The next day, Evie & her Aunt Em hanging out at the beautiful Smith Gardens.

Looking quite cozy on Papa’s shoulder.

Papa must have thought Evie had the right idea, so he followed suit.

And then here are some pictures from the week with Grandma!

Making friends with her swing creatures.

Grandma put her in some pretty cute outfits!

One day, Uncle Chris came to hang out. Here, you can tell how impressed Evie was.

Even if you weren’t Irish, I’d cover you in kisses.

Getting to know her new best friend, Mr. Piano Turtle. (I’m running out of creativity … I’ll let Evie take over in naming her animals.)

Evie says, “Thank you, Grandma!” … and so do we! Having you there that first week made a world of difference. No worrying, not having to do daycare drop-off, not leaving her with “strangers”, not cleaning bottles or even making dinner made for an easy transition back to work! Feel free to come babysit Evie any time πŸ™‚

(Jul 14-20, 2012)


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