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birthday tradition, year 1?

We thought we might start a birthday tradition

by taking a picture with the birthday person on their birthday

in front of our favorite neighborhood business.

Sounds like a great idea to me, especially with the likely side effects involved.

(Hint: the side effect is eating ice cream.)

(Photos taken Apr 22, 2013.)

evie’s first trip to the zoo

My parents came down right before Evie’s birthday and we all went to the zoo.

All of the tulips were out and it was gorgeous.

Michael with a little monkey on his shoulders.

Looking at the white tiger

and a little uneasy next to the siberian tiger. Only a piece of glass between them!

Waving “hi” to the gorilla …

… and the gorilla, slightly acknowledging us.


Evie loved getting pushed in the stroller.

A little owl, Gizmo, that we got to meet.

Silly girl wanted to cuddle with a bag of chips.

Happy girl 🙂

When she saw the lion, she growled.

She likes lions. We’ve called her our little Eve-lion ever since she was born.

Evie, me & Papa

Evie & her grandparents 🙂

Chimp & his mama.

We had such a wonderful day. Evie clearly enjoyed the zoo. We will definitely be going back frequently!

(Photos taken Apr 20, 2013)